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Should I get a CT scan of my abdomen and pelvis if I have recurrent abdominal pain or low back pain, am under 50 years old, and have a history of kidney stones in the past?


MedHead Confidence Score: 7
Amount Saved: $2,300 CT of abdomen/pelvis post


MedHead Message:

If you have history of kidney stones in the past, are under age 50 and have pain similar to your previous kidney stones, don’t let them do a CT. It wastes money, and exposes you to tremendous radiation, which is cumulative, so all the CT scans you have ever had all add up to increase your risk for cancer later in life. Cut down on meat and soda, and increase magnesium and potassium citrate, drink a few ounces of lemon juice daily, and increase water intake in order to avoid recurrent kidney stones. If this is new or worsening abdominal pain not related to previous kidney stone pain, you may consider imaging, but remember the radiation risk.


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