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If I want to save money by ordering my medications online through a foreign pharmacy, should I go through Pharmacy Checker (pharmacychecker.com)?


MedHead Confidence Score: 5
Amount Saved: $3,400 average yearly cost savings by using approved, legitimate foreign pharmacies post


MedHead Message:

Recent news events have confirmed that the Walgreens, CVS, and Walmarts of the world all order medications from China, India, New Zealand, Israel, and elsewhere to fill your bottles at the local pharmacy. THESE ARE THE SAME MEDICATIONS as what you can order online, but you MUST do it intelligently. Don’t just buy from anyone online. Pharmacy Checker is one site that verifies each of the pharmacies it recommends. I have referred people to progressiveRX.com for years to purchase medications that are outrageously expensive here in the US. We have a good track record with them. If someone tries to tell you that ALL foreign pharmacies are dangerous, show them this information. It’s just plain silly to believe that. It is simply not true. Otherwise, the medication I pick up at my local pharmacy wouldn’t state that is was manufactured in India.


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