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If I drink alcohol in moderation, do I have a lower risk of heart disease and death?


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Amount Saved: $2,200 per year saved for one glass of wine every day post


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Ah, the sweetness of humility. If you have a career in science or medicine, you will find on many occasions in your career that the things we used to advise are now reversed, and we say the opposite. The same is true for alcohol. For decades, the “one drink a day” rule was preached by doctors to their patients all over America. But then the criticism came. All that supposed health benefit from drinking moderately turned out to be laden with confounders that weren’t take into consideration, like counting former drinkers as non-drinkers. Some could say, “well duh”, but medical research isn’t that easy. Thankfully, we are getting closer to the truth. And that truth is that no amount of alcohol is healthy.  As a lifetime abstainer, this is easy for me. But alcohol is entrenched. Do what you want, it’s a free country (right now anyway), but just no that any alcohol consumption leads to problems down the road, like heart disease and cancer. Two things I’d rather avoid. Save yourself the money and by some season tickets to your favorite sports team.









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