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Does turmeric/curcumin help relieve pain from arthritis?


MedHead Confidence Score: 5
Amount Saved: $200 steroid injection of joint post


MedHead Message:

Turmeric does it again folks. It turns out that 1000mg of curcumin daily for at least 3 months significantly reduces joint pain in arthritis by at least as much as ibuprofen, but without the stomach problems that ibuprofen causes. I would recommend adding curcumin (the active form of turmeric) 1000mg daily to glucosamine SULFATE with chondroitin sulfate, 1500mg/1200mg daily for at least 3 months to notice an effect. Hopefully, this can help save you from getting a few bucks for getting a steroid shot. Save the money and put it toward your kids’ college education.


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