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Does taking vitamin D over 800 IU daily help prevent an osteoporosis fracture?


MedHead Confidence Score: 3
Amount Saved: $26,500 average cost of hip fracture repair post


MedHead Message:

Vitamin D can be very confusing! Doses lower than 800 IU daily haven’t been shown to decrease having a bone fracture, but doses above 800-5,000 IU have shown in some studies to decrease that risk. The problem is a lot of researchers aren’t checking a baseline vitamin D level first in each study participant.  This is very important! If you have osteoporosis, make sure you get a baseline vitamin D level checked first. If your level is around 30-40, start on vitamin D 2-5,000 IU daily. If it is below 20, start on prescription vitamin D by your doctor.



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