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Does taking Horse Chestnut and Citrus bioflavonoids (Hesperidin) and Pycnogenol (Maritime Pine Bark) help improve decrease unsightly varicose veins in my legs?


MedHead Confidence Score: 3
Amount Saved: $1500 laser vein treatments post


MedHead Message:

Some people have problems so severe that they need surgery. But most people can get away with a combination of these supplements that have been studied in venous insufficiency. Try these first for about 3-4 months before scheduling surgery. The Horse chestnut is 300mg twice daily, the Citrus bioflavonoids (Hesperidin) is 500mg twice daily, and Pycnogenol (Maritime Pine bark) is 100mg 2-3 times daily. Now you can save all this money for your children’s inheritance.


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