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Does taking glucosamine sulfate work better than glucosamine chondroitin for knee arthritis pain?


MedHead Confidence Score: 3
Amount Saved: $240 for a year supply of glucosamine post


MedHead Message:

Look for glucosamine sulfate, which costs a little more than glucosamine HYDROCHLORIDE, which if what you’ll find in about 98% of over the counter glucosamine. I recommend Liquid Joint Soother by Puritan’s Pride 3 tbsp daily for at least three months to notice a change in pain and function.


1. Bruyere O, Pavelka K, Rovati LC, et al. Total joint replacement after glucosamine sulfate treatment in knee osteoarthritis: results of a mean 8-year observation of patients from two previous 3-year, randomized, placebo-controlled trials


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