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Does taking glucosamine sulfate 1500mg with chondroitin 1200mg daily decrease pain and stiffness from osteoarthritis?


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Amount Saved: $35,000 cost of knee replacement surgery post


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An earlier large scale trial showed no difference in pain or function using glucosamine v. placebo. However, they didn’t specify the type of glucosamine, whether sulfate or hydrochloride. The results were mostly generalized. More recent studies, however, show that glucosamine sulfate with chondroitin significantly reduce pain and increase function in adults with osteoarthritis. You can thank your arthritic pets who performed so much better on glucosamine, and no placebo effect for keeping this issue alive! I was starting to wonder if I were going nuts every time my patients would come back and say their joint pains were so much better. It’s because they are, and we finally have proof to overturn these findings!


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