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Does taking fish oil supplements lower my risk for heart attack?


MedHead Confidence Score: 5
Amount Saved: $21,500 average cost of heart attack hospitalization post


MedHead Message:

Taking fish oil supplements of at least 3000mg (1,000mg EPA/DHA)  daily helps lower your risk of heart attack or stroke. This is the most recent, comprehensive metanalysis ever undertaken, involving over 24,000 people over several years! One heart attack is prevented for every 53 people and one stroke is prevented for every 63 people supplementing with fish oil.  I highly recommend getting your omega-3 fatty acids from fish over capsules, but capsules are better than nothing. We’ve been told for years that omega-3 fatty acids don’t prevent heart attacks…Well, looks like this one has been turned on its head. EAT MORE FISH!


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