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Does taking Black Currant lower my cholesterol level more than a placebo if I have high cholesterol?


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Take 2-3 grams daily to lower cholesterol levels. Please keep in mind this is not an outcome study, meaning they didn’t measure whether it actually reduced the number of heart attacks or death. But I realize a lot of people are worried about cholesterol levels.


Fa-lin Z, Zhen-yu W, Yan H, et al. Efficacy of blackcurrant oil soft capsule, a Chinese herbal drug, in hyperlipidemia treatment. Phytother Res 2010;24 Suppl 2: S209-13 Tahvonen RL, Schwab US, Linderborg KM, et al. Black currant seed oil and fish oil supplements differ in their effects on fatty acid profiles of plasma lipids, and concentrations of serum total and lipoprotein lipids, plasma glucose and insulin. J Nutr Biochem 2005;16:353-9


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