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Does taking a standardized preparation of horse chestnut resolve the pain and irritation from hemorrhoids?


MedHead Confidence Score: 6
Amount Saved: $1800 cost of 4 infrared coagulation treatments for hemorrhoids post


MedHead Message:

If you have painful hemorrhoids, remember this: Horse chestnut 300mg twice daily and citrus bioflavonoids 500mg twice daily. Take for at least 30 days to start noticing a difference. It’s not going to get better overnight. I have saved dozens patients from surgery by simply having them take these two supplements. Geez, you just saved $1800–a mortgage payment on your house! Go celebrate by taking a weekend trip to some fancy hotel. (or you could just stash it away!) I like puritan.com because they have good quality at good prices. Oh yeah, don’t forget to take some fiber like metamucil and get lots of exercise.


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