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Does Remdesivir work better than Ivermectin for reducing my chance of dying of COVID?


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Remdesivir is a very expensive drug, touted early in the pandemic to save lives. Unfortunately, as is often the case in branded drugs, the evidence begins to wane over time. In fact, Cochrane posted a review on Remdesivir which really doesn’t support it’s $3,000 price tag. Other reviews have stated that Ivermectin actually has more of a chance of helping COVID than Remdesivir does.  I know this goes against the opinions of many specialists out there. But the way we weight our data at Med-Head, we don’t put a whole lot of stock into expert opinions and consensus statements. This response is backed up by credible research studies. Before you perform an ad-hominem attack me or our way of doing things here, read the studies below. Then do some more research. I’ll wait for the “aha” moment. You’re welcome.


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