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Does my child need a head CT scan if they were just diagnosed with a mild to moderate head trauma (no vomiting more than once, no decreased alertness more than 2 hours after injury, no appearance of misshapened head, no loss of memory lasting more than 30 minutes after the trauma, fall onto head more than 3 feet, or pedestrian/auto accident)


MedHead Confidence Score: 7
Amount Saved: $10,000 Emergency visit with head CT scan post


MedHead Message:

Head CT scans expose your child’s growing head region to the equivalent of about 200 to 600 or more x-rays (depending on which type of x-ray). Radiation increases the risk of cancer, especially in children. Don’t go to ER and chance getting a head CT unless any of the symptoms and signs such as vomiting more than once, decreased alertness 2 hours after the trauma, misshapen appearing head, loss of memory more than 30 minutes after the trauma, or fall over 3 feet or other severe trauma such as a major auto accident are present




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