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Does Lutein slow cognitive decline in older adults more than placebo?


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This small study reveals a direct effect on crystallized intelligence and serum Lutein levels. Start with 20mg daily of TruNature Vision Complex with Lutein and Zeaxanthin. This is the best price and quality combination.


Johnson, E. J., McDonald, K., Caldarella, S. M., Chung, H. Y., Troen, A. M., and Snodderly, D. M. Cognitive findings of an exploratory trial of docosahexaenoic acid and lutein supplementation in older women. Nutr Neurosci 2008;11(2):75-8 Zamroziesicz MK, Paul EJ, Zwilling CE et. al. Parahippocampal cortex mediates the relationship between lutein and crystallized intelligence in healthy, older adults Dec. 6, 2016, From Aging Neurosci.


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