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Do alternative medicines for cancer reduce my chance of dying of cancer more than traditional chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation treatments?


MedHead Confidence Score: 7
Amount Saved: $10,000 funeral costs post


MedHead Message:

If you have cancer, please, please, PLEASE see an oncologist (or two), then follow their treatment plan. If you want to add alternative treatments, don’t stop the traditional treatments. I have seen people in my office entirely forego conventional medical treatments, only to die an early death. Please don’t risk your life on unproven and many times unethical treatments. There should be malpractice lawsuits allowed for charlatans and quacks in the field of cancer treatment.


Complementary Medicine, Refusal of Conventional Cancer Therapy, and Survival Among Patients With Curable Cancers JAMA Oncol. Published online July 19, 2018. doi:10.1001/jamaoncol.2018.248


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