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Can taking vitamins help slow down my hair loss?


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Multiple observational studies, including some systematic reviews reveal that low iron levels lead to more hair loss. These are observational only studies, so my confidence in this cause and effect is still quite low, but it is pervasive. Iron seems to have the most evidence. Followed by vitamin D and zinc, and protein.

Keep in mind that none of these studies are prospective. Meaning, they looked back and took note of possible relationship between vitamin deficiencies and hair loss.  You may consider having these levels checked by your doctor. For those interested, you may consider zinc 50mg daily, vitamin D 2000IU daily, and iron 45-65mg daily, along with hydrolyzed protein peptides 1 scoop mixed in water daily for at least 3 months to notice any effects. Please note that this is not directly addressing male pattern hair loss due to hormones. Nor does it address hair shaft strength, just non-hormone based hair loss.



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